All costs and transactions for creating the restaurants will be transparent and published.

How we work

All costs and transactions for creating the restaurants will be transparent and published. 

So that every donor will receive updates on the restaurant development (along the way) and operations (after opening).

You are supporting us to create the first educational restaurant. We will start executing the development of the restaurant IMMEDIATELY after reaching the total amount ($500,000).


As we advance, we also promise that all the donations will be spent on developing and operating this educational restaurant, and that there will not be excessive use of the budget.


We will spend less on the restaurant décor and more on food and safety, to ensure our commitment to health and sanitary actions and that we will operate based on sustainably sourced foods. 

Nevertheless, this restaurant is mainly about the lives that will be inspired through the interactions in this culinary environment, bringing retirees to share their expertise on each of the specialty dishes, welcoming every student to learn the culinary arts and contribute to this professional environment, and inspiring every guest dining at this restaurant with an experience especially memorable. 

Hiring Employees (retirees and students)

Retirees: We define a retiree not as achieving a certain age, but as an individual with a culinary desire to continue sharing after pausing his or her usual job.
Students: We define a student as an individual (age 15 and above) at any age prior to entering a career. 

We will set up convenient ways for interested individuals who are either retirees or students to apply (online and paperwork).


There will be no background requirements for applicants, meaning we will accept any qualified individual regardless of any status. Just apply with a passion for food and service.


Health screening will be conducted prior to hiring to ensure the healthy environment of the restaurant. 

Competitive salaries will be provided to employees. Retirees will be able to select reasonable shifts based on their schedules. Students will select shifts based on their academic schedules.

Use of Funds

Food and health will be our priority, and therefore ingredients and safety will be prioritized rather than décor and excessive uses.


All current donations will be utilized in forming the restaurant and its further operations, including but not limited to (in alphabetical order):


Food costs, kitchen supplies and equipment, labor costs, licenses and permits, marketing, operations & administrative, renovations and décor, rent and building fees, restaurant technology, sanitary equipment, and utility costs. Sanitary and safety practices will be important to the restaurant operations, especially when interacting with all guests and food items.