Be part of Empowering lives

Please join us in creating an educational restaurant that inspires lives and betters the community.

Open Restaurant Help Lives is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
Our federal tax ID number is 87-2390802.


Be part of the joy of donating

Empower Lives

  • Encourage retirees and second-career seekers to contribute in culinary field.

  • Create a collaborative, learning atmosphere of retirees and students. 

  • Competitive salaries to retiree employees. 

Support Education

  • Ensure culinary-driven students access to training & experience before their next steps.

  • Inspire students to culinary profession and career exploration.

  • Competitive salaries to student employees. 


  • Receive exclusive newsletters & updates of the restaurant development & operations.

  • Name engraved on ORHL restaurant's full-sized welcoming wall. 

  • Be honored especially with bigger donation amounts.

Greater benefits

  • Supporting sustainable-food operations.

  • Impact the community.

  • Inspire more people & encourage more support.