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We are brothers with culinary and dietetics backgrounds, working to bring more people into the culinary field. Come take a look at our goal to open educational restaurants.

Our mission is to create an educational restaurant that hires students and retirees to serve the community.  

We are brothers with culinary and nutrition backgrounds, working to create career-exploring opportunities for young students and to bring more people into the culinary field.


From early childhood, we each saw how people helped out in our local community, and through actions, we learned that food could lead a direction to better the community.


We interacted with young and talented students, who were interested in culinary arts while facing challenges and seeking exposure to a culinary working environment prior to advancing education and careers. We also met students from disadvantaged backgrounds who were searching for their future paths. We understood their challenges and doubts involved before stepping into the food-related degrees and jobs, because we have been there before.

At the same time, we encountered passionate retirees in our neighborhood (and people in other small towns and big cities we met) who had rich culinary knowledge while sharing a common passion: Cook and share their dishes.

Inspiring more people to the culinary field is a big part of why we start fundraising for opening an educational, nonprofit restaurant that will create career-exploring opportunities for young students and will bring more people to the culinary field by hiring a number of students and retirees to collaborate in a restaurant environment, where retirees will be able to perform their specialty dishes while guiding the high-school students in the culinary field.


Every transaction and receipt will be published and transparent, and all donations will be utilized in developing this restaurant and its operations. Your contribution will inspire many lives and will help create this non-profit restaurant environment that you will definitely enjoy.


Since 2018, we have been deeply involved with the preparation for an intergenerational restaurant setting. After serving and working with students in rural areas, developing our idea, testing out this model at a smaller scale for 6 months (Dec. 2020 to May 2021) and had success selling over a thousand meals along with 6 students and 4 retirees, we founded Open Restaurant Help Lives in 2021. 

By backing this restaurant development, you will also be supporting sustainably sourced foods in our daily operations.


Our fundraising aims at $500,000 in establishing the restaurant and supporting the operations. We hope to bring together a group of food-driven retirees and students to share and serve the food to every guest. 

Most importantly, we believe this: All lives regardless of age have endless possibilities. We are determined to use our tiny strength to bring more people into the culinary field, with a hope to:


  1. Ensure more young people be educated and thrive.

  2. Empower retirees and second-career seekers to transform their lives.

  3. Inspire them and the public to continue making their future endeavors.


We hope that this restaurant will enlighten more people to step into the culinary field and, more importantly, to serve the community.

We need your help.

Join us today,

Jonathan & Justin Hoong

donations are tax deductible (IRS tax-exempt status)

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